Choosing One Path as a Creative

hennaMost artistic and creative individuals are multi-talented. We fit into many roles; artist, creator, musician, decorator, dancer – that can make it incredibly difficult to choose one path to focus on. Why do we have to settle on one path? To master our craft.

To truly excel and be the best in your field, you need to practice and create daily, and that type of practice can only come from focus. If you are working on multiple projects, in various genres at the same time, it is difficult to develop flow and momentum for any one project.

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Getting Started with Home Decor

12227023 937632102987355 1695394961572808778 nDecorating a new space can be overwhelming for a lot of people. I’ve had plenty of friend’s call on me for advice when they’ve moved into a new home, and don’t know where to start with the décor process.

It’s natural to pick up home magazines, google living room designs, and look at paint swatches when you are planning a new space – but that’s not the only way to find inspiration. I often suggest that friends look to nature and their travels for inspiration. What colours do you love in nature? What buildings do you find most inspiring when you think of world architecture? Take those colours, elements, and shapes, and translate those ideas into your home décor for a room that is uniquely “you”.

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Getting Over Creative Blocks

getting over creative blocks ash kumar


People sometimes ask me if I still have creative blocks, my answer – YES! Even after all these years as a working artist, there are days when I sit and my desk staring at a blank piece of paper and nothing comes to me. However, I don’t allow myself to sit there and stay stuck. When I find myself in a creative block, I will walk away from the project for a few hours and come back to it with a fresh mind later.

It’s easy to see an artist or another creative putting work out into the world and assume that they never get stuck, but the truth is; getting stuck is a part of almost every creative being’s process. I feel that most good artist’s end up in creative blocks because of their need for perfectionism. Many of us hold ourselves to extremely high standards and want to share only the very best of our work with the world (myself included). This can actually create a mental block.

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Inspired by: Historic Spaces

historical spaces ash kumar



If there is one thing that will always stop me in my tracks, it’s a historic space. A building with history is both intriguing and inspiring to me. Before I ever look at the patterns on the wall, or the colours used in décor, I ground myself in that space and connect with the history. I’ll stand under a ceiling that is 600 years old and wonder not only about the designs on that ceiling, but also the people who built it, and the people who walked under it all those years ago. I’m just as interested in the details of their lives, as I am in the details of the ancient building or monument I’m visiting.

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How I Maintain Originality in my Art

Textile print 1




Every artist in today’s world has access to unlimited inspiration and resources through the Internet. Strangely enough, many creatives are finding it harder than ever to produce new and original work. They are often left feeling stuck and uninspired rather than creatively charged. Other creatives often ask me how I maintain originality in my art. The simple answer is; I look for inspiration in unexpected places – places where no one else is looking.

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