About Ash Kumar

Ash Kumar has designed for:Wrm

  • Aveda
  • Cadenzza
  • Emirates  
  • Estée Lauder
  • Swarovski
  • Thorntons
  • Virgin Media
  • XFactor UK

As well as many other Companies Worldwide, Hollywood, Bollywood Celebrities & Music Icons.

Ash Kumar was born and raised in London, England.  A teacher, a respected artist, a trendsetter. His inspiration comes from his travels across the globe & the cultures and traditions he experiences. Through his imagination and an eye for detail, he has the ability to forecast trends, colours and styles. His Bespoke Artistry & Creative Direction in Product Design, Set Design, Fashion, Textiles, Lifestyle, Entertainment or Interiors are in demand.

Award winning, Celebrity Makeup & Henna Artist Ash Kumar founded an International Beauty Brand www.ashkumar.com. The vision to inspire, educate, empower and create opportunities for others. Through careful orchestration and attention to detail, he has built this brand through discipline, dedication and determination which delivers luxury, elegance, style and sophistication.

After a decade, CEO of Ash Kumar Beauty, he now journeys onto a new chapter...Ash Kumar -  The Artist.

“What essentially inspires me is music and colour. My journey is made of memories, not achievements.  I am driven by my spirit to give back, to inspire and to make a positive difference to others.  I feel that I have been given a gift and it is my responsibility to share it with the world.'' -Ash Kumar


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